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EBL Ebook Library provides 24/7 access to an online collection of Ebooks in a wide range of nonfiction subject areas.  Titles can be browsed, read online, downloaded to a computer, or transferred to a variety of devices.  EBL Ebooks are protected with Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM), which controls their loan periods, download, copy/paste, and print options.


  • Titles in EBL Ebook Library titles can be accessed through the library catalog or directly at the EBL Ebook Library.
  • To access titles, users will login using their library card and pin numbers.  For further instructions please click here.
  • Titles in the EBL Ebook Library can be checked out by multiple users.  Titles do not need to be requested.
  • Titles can be read online or downloaded for a one-day or seven-day loan period.  During the loan period, users may print up to 20% of a title, or copy/paste up to 5% of a title.

Downloading EBL Ebooks:

Using EBL on Android devices got easier at the end of July when an Android version of the Bluefire Reader was released.  While the Aldiko Reader still works, we can simplify our device instructions to Bluefire.  I have attached a revised presentation for the "Downloading EBL Ebooks" and "Support" sections at http://www.buffalolib.org/content/e-content/ebl-ebook-library.  The highlighted text in the attachment shows the new text.


EBL Ebooks can be downloaded on either a PC or Mac with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed.  ADE is free software.  A download link for ADE is available in your EBL Account.

Dedicated e-readers:

EBL Ebooks are only available in EPUB or PDF format.  Titles must first be downloaded to ADE on your computer, and then transferred via USB to a wide range of readers including the NOOK and Sony eReader.  Titles cannot be transferred to Kindle Readers since titles are not available in Kindle format.

Apple and Android Devices:

EBL Ebooks can be downloaded directly to Apple and Android devices with the Bluefire Reader App installed on the device.  This app is free and is available at the App Store for iTunes (Apple devices) and at the Google “Play Store” (Android devices).  You will be prompted to authorize the app with an Adobe ID and password.  If you need to create an Adobe ID, click on “Get Adobe ID.”  The app must be authorized to successfully download Ebooks.

To download an Ebook, open your EBL account using the web-browser on your device and select the title of interest from your EBL bookshelf. Click “Read On Line.” At the next screen, click “Download” from the vertical tab menu next to the table of contents.  A new left sidebar will appear.  Users should select a 7-day loan period and click “Download.”  The EBook will download in the Bluefire Reader.




For questions concerning Adobe Digital Editions, the Bluefire Reader, and the EBL service in general, please contact eBranch at 716-858-8900.  If you have a problem downloading a specific title to your computer or device, please contact EBL Technical Support using the “Help/Feedback” link in your EBL Account.