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Keyboard and Mouse Basics - The Keyboard

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Here are some keyboard and mouse exercises to improve your skills.

The computer keyboard set up exactly like a typewriter. It is a standard "QWERTY" keyboard with special keys for computer functions. The name "QWERTY" comes from the letters on the upper left side of the keyboard.


Sometimes you use special keys or key combinations. These combinations depend on what program you are currently using. In Microsoft Word (the word processing application used most frequently):

To... Use these keys...

Type a CAPITAL letter

Hold down the Shift key

Move the cursor around the screen

Use the Arrow keys

Make all the letters CAPITAL

Use the Caps Lock Key
Caps Lock

Go to the next line

Press the Enter key

Remove text to the LEFT of the cursor

Press the Back Space key

Remove text to the RIGHT of cursor

Press the Delete key

Type the @ symbol

Hold Shift and press the 2 key
Shift + @

Type the ~ (tilde) symbol

Hold Shift and press the ` key
Shift and Tilde