Dear Diary: In Their Own Words

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The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen: a novel
Syrie James

An old trunk filled with manuscripts is found in the attic of the Austen home, and the content sheds light on Jane's motivation for her writing, as well as her personal life.

One Thousand White Women: the Journals of May Dop
Jim Fergus

May Dop is released from an asylum where she was locked up by her family for having an affair. She is let go as part of a secret agreement in 1854 between the US government and the Cheyenne nation, and her diary tells the story of this life.

These is My Words: the Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901: Arizona Territories: a novel
Nancy E. Turner

In 1881, 17 year old Sarah travels between New Mexico and Texas, defending her family and running the family ranch in the absence of her second husband, a Texas Ranger. (First of 3, followed by Sarah’s Quilt and Star Garden)

The Lost Diary of Don Juan: an Account of the True Arts of Passion and the Perilous Adventure of Love: a novel
Douglas Carlton Abrams

After Don Juan leaves the church and the nuns who raised him, the Marquis de la Mota enlists him as a spy, and instructs him in the ways of seduction.

Gone with the Windsors: a novel
Laurie Graham

A spoof of the romance between Wallis Simpson and the Prince of Wales, as seen through the diary of Simpson’s fictional best friend.

Not Me
Michael Lavigne

As his father descends into Alzheimer’s disease, Michael is given his journals which offer insight into his father’s life and experiences as a Holocaust survivor.

The Hipen Diary of Marie Antoinette: a novel
Carolly Erickson

We see the real Marie Antoinette through the diary that she writes as she awaits her pending execution.

The Voyage Home
Jane Rogers

On the return trip from Africa, where she had gone to bury her father, Anne Harrington begins reading his journal and discovers secrets about her father that she never knew.

The Journal of Professor Abraham Van Helsing
Allen Kupfer

The fictional diary of the renowned vampire hunter details his work, his wife's illness and his obsession with riping the world of vampires.

Any Human Heart
William Boyd

The life of Logan Mountstuart is told through his diary, from his birth in 1906 to British parents through his 85 years of living in the 20th century.

Stone Heart: a novel of Sacajawea
Diane Glancy

Through the words of Indian guide Sacajawea, we have an account of the famous journey. Her fictional words contrast with actual entries from Lewis and Clark’s journals, with are included on each page.

The Journal of Mrs. Pepys: Portrait of a Marriage
Sara George

Elizabeth Pepys, wife of the renowned diarist Samuel, kept a secret journal. This fictional diary is where she recorded her worries, hopes and joys.

If this World were Mine: a novel
E. Lynn Harris

Four friends continue to meet in ‘journal club’ nearly 20 years after graduating from a renowned African American college. This book takes us through the many life changes that they experience.

Going Nowhere Sideways: a novel
Leigh Curran

Molly Williams is 40 when she rereads her diary from the 60’s and 70’s. The path leads her from protected suburban girl to Woodstock and through romantic, chemical and artistic exploration.

The Diary of Mattie Spenser
Sandra Dallas

Her journal and her uncommunicative husband are all young Mattie Spenser has as companions while traveling by covered wagon to the Colorado Territories in 1865.

The Diaries of Adam & Eve
Mark Twain

We catch a glimpse of life in the Garden of Eden from the fictional journal writings of Adam and Eve.