Election Selection: Presidential Campaigns in Fiction

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The Abduction

James Grippando

Presidential candidate Allison Leahy finds her campaign complicated by the return of a vengeful former lover and the kidnapping of the granpaughter of her opponent.

Act of Treason

Vince Flynn
CIA operative Mitch Rapp investigates allegations of a hipen agenda behind a terrorist attack that killed the wife of the candidate who soon after won the presidential election.

Dog Days

Ana Marie Cox
Scandalous information held by a renegade political group and a gossip columnist compromise the ambitions of campaign staffer Melanie Thornton and presidential hopeful John Hillman.

If Men Were Angels

Reed Karaim
A reporter is torn between his friendship and the truth when investigating the mysterious background of a dark horse presidential candidate.

The Incumbent

Brian McGrory
Lying in a hospital bed after being caught in the crossfire of an attempted presidential assassination, reporter Jack Flynn receives information that “nothing is as it seems” from an anonymous phone tipster.

The Lucky Ones

Doris Mortman
Four women in differing roles are caught up in the intrigues and power plays of the upcoming presidential election.

The Plot Against America

Phillip Roth
The 1940 election is imagined as alternative history, where Charles A. Lindbergh wins the election and then negotiates an accord with Adolf Hitler.

Primary Colors: a novel of politics

The insider political “fiction” that highly resembles the 1992 presidential campaign of a certain Democratic candidate.

Put a Lid On It

Donald Westlake
An incarcerated career thief is given his freedom by the presidential re-election campaign committee in order to steal a compromising videotape before it can be used against the President.

The Race

Richard North Patterson
A left-leaning Republican senator from Ohio must battle for the party nomination against a pandering fellow senator and a right-wing preacher.

The Rake

William F. Buckley
A candidate’s imperfect past is hipen as he gloriously promotes himself for the 1992 Democratic presidential campaign.

The Run

Stuart Woods
Georgia Senator Will Lee’s run for the presidency is complicated by quid pro quo, scandal, and smear campaigns.