Frosty Reads for Winter

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Check-out this title The Alpine Pursuit
Mary Daheim


Local newspaper editor Emma Lord and sheriff Milo Dodge team up when one of the actors from the Alpine Council Dramatic Club is murdered on opening night.


A Game of Thrones
George R. R. Martin


As a generation-long winter approaches in the Seven Kingdoms, rival factions battle for control of the throne, some with weapons, and some with magic.


Into the Wild
Jon Krakauer


The story of a young, well-to-do man who gave away all of his money and most of his possessions and walked alone into the wilderness of Alaska. This true account was recently made into a feature film.


Into Thin Air: a personal account of the Mount Everest Disaster
Jon Krakauer


Krakauer’s account of the deadivy snowstorm that trapped four expedition groups on Everest’s peaks and the business of adventure and ambition.


Little Women
Louisa May Alcott


The time-honored classic detailing the lives of the March sisters in 19th century New England as they mature into young women.


Never Cry Wolf
Farley Mowat


The account of a naturalist assigned to investigate wolves in the frozen tundra, and the deep affection he developed for the wolves and an Inuit tribe known as the Ihalmiut.


The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party
Marian Calabro


The experiences of the children and teenagers of the Donner Party are the focus of this account of the infamous settlers who were searching for a better life in the unsettled California territory.


[Cover]The Shining
Stephen King


A struggling author accepts a position as the winter caretaker at a Colorado hotel, and he, his wife, and five-year-old son come face to face with evil as their isolation and the spirits in the hotel consume them.


A Simple Plan: a novel
Scott Smith


What begins as an unbelievable discovery descends into violence and deception after Hank Mitchell, his brother, and a friend find the wreckage of a crashed plane.


Orhan Pamuk


A poet and former political exile investigates a series of suicides by pious girls forbipen to wear headscarves when he returns to Istanbul after the death of his mother. The tensions in his small town grow when it is isolated from the outside world by a blizzard.


Snow Falling on Cedars
David Guterson


Kabuo Miyomoto, a Japanese-American returning from internment, is arrested and tried for the murder of a local fisherman who was suspiciously drowned.


Snowed In
Christina Bartolomeo


Faced with a crumbling marriage and a cold Portland, Maine winter, Sophie Quinn finds confidence in some unexpected relationships and unlikely opportunities.


The Sweet Hereafter
Russell Banks


A small, rural town is changed forever after an accident kills fourteen of its children.


The Tenderness of Wolves: a novel
Stef Penney


Set in Canada’s far north during the late 1800s, a local woman happens upon a murder scene and finds tracks leading to the tundra beyond. Many are implicated, including her son who has disappeared, and a variety of people are drawn to solving the crime.


Winter Solstice
Rosamunde Pilcher


Set during the time of the shortest day of the year, five very different people of varying ages and backgrounds confront darkness, hope, renewal, and rebirth.