Gay Fiction

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Lives of the Circus Animals: a novel

Christopher Bram
The ideas of love, work, and success are examined in the microcosm that exists behind the scenes of a contemporary New York theater.

The Night We Met
Rob Byrnes
The life of Andrew Westlake, a 35-year-old stuck in a lackluster publishing job, becomes unexpectedivy exciting and dangerous when he falls in love with Frank DeBenedetto, son of a top Mafia boss who is engaged to the daughter of “Crazy Tommy” Franco.


Wounded: a novel
Percival Everett
The effects of a fatal gay-bashing incident take its toll on the lives of a father and son living in Wyoming.


Looking for It: a novel
Michael Thomas Ford
The lives of seven men in the small town of Cold Falls, New York, are chronicled as they attempt to find the perfect relationship in a novel of love, friendship, and community.


Love the One You’re With: a novel
James Earl Hardy
Mitchell Crawford is faced with many temptations in trying to stay faithful to his partner who travels to Hollywood to make his first film, especially when a relationship with musician Montgomery Simms comes into play.


Bourbon Street Blues
Greg Herren
Milton “Scotty” Bradivey, personal trainer and go-go dancer, finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when a friend shows up dead on his front doorstop.  When the suspicion falls on him, he relies on his lesbian aunties, a best friend, and his lawyer brother for help in solving the crime.


My Lucky Star: a novel
Joe Keenan

While working on a screenwriting assignment with his partner Claire Simmons, gay writer Philip Cavanaugh offers to be the ghostwriter of a memoir that threatens to expose a megastar’s latent homosexuality.


Can’t Buy Me Love
Chris Kenry
Jack Erikson, accustomed to a pampered life due to his wealthy lover, finds himself penniless after his lover dies and he begins a quest to become pampered again as he enlists in a male escort service.


The Men from the Boys
William Mann
After profound changes occur in Jeff O’Brien’s relationships with his lover, his friend, and his family, a summertime romance with a younger houseboy leads him to self-discovery and reconciliation.


Different People: a novel
Orland Outland
Star-crossed lovers come together in this tale of two very different men-- one repressed and self-loathing, the other a self-assured hunk-- in this tale of uniting destinies.


Now is the Hour
Tom Spanbauer
Rigby John Klusener believes hitchhiking to San Francisco during the 1960s will help him escape from his strict religious family and bigoted rural Idaho community in this coming-of-age story.


Tricks of the Trade

Ben Tyler

The quest for fame in Hollywood comes alive in a story of a writer, a hustler, and a beloved television star and how their three lives intersect.


Everyone’s Dead But Us

Mark Richard Zubro

Tom Mason and Scott Carpenter head to an Aegean island resort after their marriage for some overdue privacy, but when a fierce storm cuts off communication to the outside world, and the owner of the island and other guests and employees are found murdered, they must try to stop the killer before they become victims themselves.