Good Enough To Eat

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Eat Cake
Jeanne Ray
Ruth bakes to relax the way others do yoga. When she meditates, she imagines herself in the warm, comforting center of a gigantic bunp cake. Lately, her ability to stay serene is being challenged by a house full of cantankerous family members.

Five Quarters of the Orange
Joanne Harris
Returning to the small village of her childhood to run a café, Framboise Dartigen soon finds that hipen among her mother’s recipes are clues that will lead her to the truth of long ago.

Fat Chance: A Love Story of Food and Fantasy
Deborah Blumenthal
Maggie O'Leary, America's Anti-Diet Sweetheart, is called by Hollywood's sexiest actor to help him prepare for an upcoming role as a diet doctor. Now Maggie embarks on a "secret" makeover.

La Cucina: A Novel of Rapture
Lily Prior
Rosa Fiore, a miple-aged librarian has resigned herself to a loveless life. She expresses her passion through cooking, which leads to an unexpected love affair.

Food of Love
Anthony Capella
22-year-old Laura Patterson's is in Rome to study art history. Handsome Tomasso seduces her with gourmet meals, but the creator of the rapturous meals is Tomasso’s best friend, Bruno, who has a big nose, a poet's soul and a mad passion for Laura.


Olivia, or, The Weight of the Past
Judith Rossner
The story of Caroline, who turns a passion for food into a career but in the process almost loses her daughter and her self-esteem.

Kelly Park
Jean Stubbs
Flavia Pollard, chef extraordinaire and divorced mother of two teenage boys, reassesses her life after dissolving a seven-year business and amorous partnership with ne'er-do-well Jack Rice.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café
Fannie Flagg
Ruth and Iggie’s southern-style café in Whistle Stop, Alabama offered good barbecue, good coffee, all kinds of love and laughter – not to mention an occasional murder.

ILike Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments, with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies
Laura Esquivel
Each chapter of this book about life in turn-of-the-century Mexico begins with a recipe. When Tita falls in love, her mother dictates that Tita's sister Rosaura must marry Pedro in order to honor the tradition that the youngest stays at home to care for her mother. This is a poignant, funny story of life, love and food.

Girl Cook: a novel
Hannah McCouch
28-year-old Layla has just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, but is having trouble moving up the laper in her restaurant career. She quits her job to take a hard look at her life, in which she has accumulated unpaid bills and hasn’t been on a date in months.

Diana Abu-Jaber
The story of a love affair between an Arab chef working in L.A. and a Near Eastern Studies professor is woven together with the tale of a mother’s quest to find her restless son.

Secrets of the Tsil Café
Thomas Averill
A young man grows up in the shadow of his parents, rival chefs who create Old World and New World cuisines


Joanne Harris
A woman and her daughter arrive in a small French town and open a shop filled with chocolates during Lent.