Italian Style

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The Queen’s Gambit: a Leonardo da Vinci mystery
Diane A.S. Stuckart

When a living chess game with members of the royal court results in the killing of one ‘chess piece’, da Vinci is caught up in the schemes of the court as he tries to solve the crime.

The Sixteen Pleasures
Robert Hellenga

After the Arno River floods in 1966, many book conservators assemble in Florence to help limit the damage. Young Margot Harrington is among them. When she stumbles across a rare volume of erotic drawings and sonnets from the 16th century in the convent library, the plan becomes to restore and sell the forbipen book without the bishop’s knowledge.

Living in a Foreign Language: a Memoir of Food, Wine and Love in Italy
Michael Tucker

Acting couple Michael Tucker and Jill Eikenberry buy a 350-year-old stone cottage in Umbria and spend time refurbishing it and exploring the Italian countryside. (Nonfiction)

Playing for Pizza
John Grisham

Rick Dockery feels he must play football, but after the Cleveland Browns cut him, he will have to go all the way to Parma, Italy to do it.

A Season for the Dead
David Hewson

Rome Detective Nic Costa is looking for a killer who takes his cues from the deaths of Catholic martyrs. (First in Nic Costa mystery series)

The Master of Verona
David Blixt

Pietro, the oldest son of Dante, is increasingly caught between his friends Mariotto and Antonio and the woman who loves one and is engaged to the other. Set in 1314 Verona.

Meet Me in Venice
Elizabeth Adiver

Antiques dealer Precious Rafferty is arranging a Venice weping to Bennett James, but plans may change when a cousin she has never met says she must see her in Venice to disclose a secret.

Michael Dibdin

Aurelio Zen is Police Commissioner of Rome. When he is taken off desk duty to work a kidnapping case and things quickly progress to murder, Zen must put all the parts together to finally see the whole picture. (First in Aurelio Zen mystery series)

Vivaldi’s Virgins: a novel
Barbara Quick

The setting is the Ospedale della Pieta, an 18th century orphanage and music school in Venice. Children who showed talent for music were given extra lessons. This is the fictional story of the real Anna Maria dal Violin, a musical wonder that emerged from this school.

Under the Tuscan Sun: at Home in Italy
Frances Mayes

The author begins a grand adventure when she renovates a cast-off villa in Tuscany. (Nonfiction)

The Last Enemy
Grace Brophy

Commissario Alessandro Cenni works for the Italian state police to investigate the Holy Week murder of a Brooklyn native, the niece of an influential Assisi family.

The Sonnet Lover
Carol Goodman

When a favorite student falls to his death during a summer program in Florence, Professor Rose Asher returns to Italy in search of answers and the missing manuscript for the student’s film.

The Food of Love
Anthony Capella

In a twist on the story of Cyrano -- to court an American student, an Italian waiter passes off as his own the food prepared by his chef friend.

The Hills of Tuscany: a New Life in an Old Land
Ferenc Mate

The author tells of his and his wife’s first years spent in Tuscany after they relocated there from NY. (Nonfiction)