Lad Lit: Books from a Male Perspective

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How I Paid for College: a novel of sex, theft, friendship & musical theater
Marc Acito


When his father refuses to pay for his Julliard education, Edward Zanni enlists his friends in a plan to steal the tuition money from him.


Girlfriend 44
Mark Barrowcliffe


Insistent on finding a beautiful, intelligent woman who is accepting of his infidelity, Harry goes from one girlfriend to the next in search of perfection.


Ben Elton


While at the peak of his career in Hollywood, a hot, young director is murdered, ironically, while making stylish movies about killers.


Dinner for Two
Mike Gayle


Dave Harding realizes he wants to be a father and is brought face to face with potential fatherhood as he accepts a job at Teen Scene magazine.


High Fidelity
Nick Hornby


A record store owner and music junkie contemplates life, relationships, and love along with his two op employees.


Bright Lights, Big City: a novel
Jay McInerney


Drugs, alienation, and his mother’s death consume a young man in New York City.


The Pleasure of My Company: a novella
Steve Martin


Daniel rediscovers the outside world with the help of Clarissa and Tepy after living a detached existence filling out contest applications and counting ceiling tiles.

The Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
Mil Millington


Pel’s normal life with girlfriend, Ursula, is altered when his boss disappears and he becomes involved in stolen money, missing colleagues, and the Chinese mob.


Man and Boy
Tony Parsons


When his wife leaves him, forcing him to adjust to raising their son alone, Harry Silver’s life crumbles before his impending thirtieth birthday.


Joe College
Tom Perrotta


Danny copes with his complicated love life and a battle with a gang while spending his summer vacation working in his father’s lunch wagon.