Lit Wit : Humorous Novels

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Big Trouble
Dave Barry
A collection of strange citizens of Coconut Grove, including a homeless man living in a tree house, a career-threatened adman, an embezzler dodging a couple of hit men, and their dysfunctional families are all connected in this narrative of events in South Florida.


Christopher Buckley
Cassandra, a 29-year-old, hugely popular blogger, suggests a revolutionary, somewhat sadistic solution for the looming Social Security crisis, and an ambitious senator with an interest in the White House backs her provocative idea.


A Dirty Job
Christopher Moore
After the death of his wife shortly after childbirth, Charlie Asher, a neurotic and anxious hypochondriac, finds that along with being a new father and a widower, he has also been appointed a Death Merchant, responsible for collecting souls before the Forces of Darkness get to them.


The Gum Thief
Douglas Coupland
An unexpected friendship develops between two very different people who work at an office supply store as they write epistolary messages to each other detailing their customer encounters, world views, hopes, and dreams.


I Don’t Know How She Does It:The life of Kate Repy, Working Mother
Allison Pearson
Details the complexities of Kate Repy’s life as a hedge fund manager, wife and mother of two, and all the expectations that come along with each role.


I Love You, Beth Cooper
Larry Doyle
After professing his love for the head cheerleader during his valedictorian speech, Star Wars-geek and debate club member Denis Cooverman embarks on a night of wild teenage adventure with his friend, the object of his affection, and her friends.


Queen of Babble
Meg Cabot
Relentlessly talkative Lizzie Nichols finds that her penchant for spilling secrets leads to high jinks galore when she takes a job as a bartender for a catered weping at a French Chateau.


Straight Man
Richard Russo
Details an eventful week in the life of a mipive-aged interim chairman of a university English department who jokingly threatens to kill a duck a day until his department’s budget is approved.


Then We Came to the End
Joshua Ferris
Office life amidst a recent downsizing keeps the remaining employees of a Chicago advertising firm busy with secret romances, elaborate pranks, frequent coffee breaks and theories on their mysterious “pro bono” ad campaign.




Walking in Circles Before Lying Down
Merrill Markoe
Dawn surprisingly finds insight and solutions to her problems with love and life from Chuck, her mixed-breed dog that she adopted from an animal shelter.