Love Spells: Paranormal Romances

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After Dark
Jayne Castle

A part-time job at Shrimpton’s House of Ancient Horrors keeps para-archaeologist Lydia Smith busier than she expected.

Karen Marie Moning

After her sister is murdered, MacKayla goes to Ireland to search for the killer and becomes part of an extraordinary magical world filled with ancient secrets.

Dark Possession: a Carpathian novel
Christine Feehan

Carpathian Manolito de la Cruz and reluctant destined life mate Maryann look for a way to save him from the vampires that long to claim him.

Dark Seduction
Brenda Joyce

After being transported back in time, Claire Camden must trust the sensual and strong Malcolm of Dunroch in order to survive.

Full Moon Rising
Keri Arthur

When her twin brother disappears while on one of his missions to police nonhuman criminals, Riley Jensen, a rare breed of half werewolf and half vampire, must be careful of whom to trust, especially when a sexy, disoriented vampire appears at her doorstep.

Guilty Pleasures
Laurell K. Hamilton

After a rash of murders involving innocent vampires, Anita Blake, a vampire hunter, is hired by the most powerful vampire in the city to find the killer.

Heather Graham

When paranormal investigator Darcy Tremayne is hired by the owner of historic Melody House, she finds that the Virginia estate is filled with dangers of past and present, living and dead.

Morrigan’s Cross
Nora Roberts

In order to do battle with a powerful vampire set on world domination, 12th century sorcerer Hoyt Mac Cionaoith travels through time and across continents to gather a “circle of six” to join with him as warriors.

My Immortal
Erin McCarthy

Marley Turner goes to an old plantation on the outskirts of New Orleans in hopes of finding her sister, and comes into contact with Damien du Bourg, a handsome immortal who works for the devil inspiring lust in others.

No Humans Involved
Kelley Armstrong

A reality TV special called “Raising Marilyn Monroe” brings Jaime Vegas, a necromancer, in contact with some very different ghosts, and she ends up joining forces with a powerful werewolf to find the dark arts practitioners responsible.

Scent of Darkness: darkness chosen
Christina Dop

After seeing her lover turn into a wolf, Ann Smith discovers that she is instrumental in breaking the curse that binds his soul.

Warrior Angel
Margaret Weis

Angel Derek de Molay is sent back to Earth as a mortal to protect Rachel Duncan, a young commodities trader, who has just taken on a mysterious client who happens to be one of the Dark Angels released from Hell.