In Sickness : Illness is a catalyst in these captivating novels

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Strange Skies: a Novel
Matt Marinovich
Paul lies to his wife about having cancer to avoid fatherhood, but the possibility of actually being sick forces him to reconsider his life and what really matters to him.




Life on the Refrigerator Door:Notes Between a Mother and Daughter: A Novel in Notes
Alice Kuipers
Claire and her mother rarely find themselves in the same room at the same time, and it often seems that the only thing they can count on are notes to each other on the refrigerator door. When a crisis arises, their relationship experiences a momentous change, and they reevaluate the balance between their personal lives and their bond as mother and daughter.


Love Life
Ray Kluun
Dan and Carmen's happy life in Amsterdam with their daughter, Luna, is shaken with thirty-six-year-old Carmen’s breast cancer diagnosis.   Dan must stop running away and learn to support his wife in her illness.


Cheryl Strayed
When small town mother Teresa Rae Wood dies, her common-law husband and her children isolate themselves in grief just when they need each other the most.


Get a Life
Nadine Gordimer
A diagnosis of thyroid cancer forces Paul Bannerman, an ecologist living in South Africa, to look at his life and to deal with his relationships with family and friends.


Becoming Strangers
Louise Dean
This novel looks at relationships, romance, and friendship through the examination of two long-term marriages.


Swimming Naked
Stacy Sims
Despite reservations, Lucy heads for Florida to take care of her dying mother, and begins to reassess her family's history and her relationship with her mother.


Bachelor Boys
Kate Saunders
A close neighbor is asked to play matchmaker for a terminally ill woman’s grown sons.


Christmas, Present
Jacquelyn Mitchard
A woman is struck by an aneurysm on December 23rd, her 14th weping anniversary.


Never Change
Elizabeth Berg
A fifty-one-year-old home-care nurse is assigned a new patient, her high school crush, who is dying from a brain tumor.


Letters for Emily: a Novel
Camron Steve Wright
Before his descent into Alzheimer’s is complete, Harry Whitney compiles poems, confessions and advice for his favorite granpaughter.