Reading the Evidence

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Origin: a novel
Diana Abu-Jaber
A series of seemingly accidental crib deaths may actually be the work of a serial killer, and a New York-based fingerprint expert is called in to investigate.

Carved in Bone
Jefferson Bass
Dr. Bill Brockton, founder of a unique laboratory created to study the decomposition of human bodies, discovers an almost perfectly preserved mummy in mountainous East Tennessee, which leads him to investigate rumors of local corruption and backwoods shenanigans.

The Chemistry of Death
Simon Beckett
A series of mutilation murders forces Dr. David Hunter, a high-profile forensic anthropologist, out of hiding after police enlist his help to find the elusive killer.

A Rumor of Bones
Beverly Connor
At an archaeological dig, several bodies are found that are much more recent than the Indian village being excavated. Forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain begins an investigation to find the killer.

Patricia Cornwell
Dr. Kay Scarpetta encounters an array of unwelcome surprises in Richmond, Virginia as she investigates the death of a 14-year-old girl.

The Bone Collector
Jeffery Deaver
Quadriplegic Lincoln Rhyme, a former criminologist and head of NYPD forensics, abandons his forced retirement, joins forces with a rookie cop, and investigates the trail of a vicious serial killer.

[Cover]Little Tiny Teeth
Aaron Elkins
When one of the research botanists is killed by a deranged passenger who then leaps overboard, forensics professor Gideon Oliver’s peaceful Amazon riverboat trip becomes yet another investigation.

Blood Memory
Greg Iles
When returning to her Mississippi hometown after being suspended from her task force due to experiencing panic attacks at murder scenes, forensics expert Cat Ferry finds disturbing connections between the recent murders in New Orleans and her father’s murder many years before.

The Stalemate
Iris Johansen
Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan makes a dangerous deal with a Colombian arms dealer in order to help determine the identity of a murdered child and find out information about her missing daughter.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter: a novel
Jeffry Lindsay
Dexter Morgan, a murder analyst for the Miami police who lives a secret life as an assassin, finds the style of a new serial killer actually mimics his own.

Chain of Evidence
Ridivey Pearson
Police Lieutenant Joe “Dart” Dartelli must confront a string of deaths staged as suicides by a retired cop turned vigilante.

Deja Dead
Kathy Reichs
Temperance Brennan, a forensic scientist, suspects the dismembered remains of a murder victim are linked to a torture-killing of a teen several years earlier, and she takes it upon herself to prove this to the skeptical local police.