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Getting inspired isn’t always easy. The path isn’t always straight. But the road there can be quite... interesting. That’s how it is for the people in these books by African American authors.


Playing God: a novel
Michelle McKinney Hammond
The story follows the intersecting lives of four women who are tired of waiting for God and try dealing with matters on their own. Complications result! McKinney Hammond can tell an entertaining and scripturally based story without sounding preachy. Fiction


Take Back Your Family; a challenge to America’s parents
Rev Run
Rev Run and his wife Justine offer advice for today’s families in this spin off from MTV’s Run’s House. Run’s House won a 2008 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Reality series. Non-Fiction


Tempest Tales
Walter Mosley
When Tempest Landry is shot dead by police, he finds himself arguing with St. Peter that his condemnation is undeserved. Tempest refuses to accept his decree, so St. Peter sends him back to earth with Joshua Angel to reconsider his life’s actions. Things get really complicated when Satan gets in on the picture. Is it wrong to do bad for the right reasons? Tempest will have you thinking even as you are entertained. Fiction.


[Cover]Letter to My Daughter
Maya Angelou
This small volume is a collection of stories, essays and remembrances apressed to the daughter she never had. Writing about issues both large and small, Angelou invites us all to challenge assumptions and embrace life fully. Non-Fiction


Battle of Jericho
Kendra Norman-Bellamy
Marine sergeant Peter Jericho is separated from his wife Jan after a long, seemingly solid marriage. Then he is called to duty in Iraq and subsequently taken prisoner. Both Peter and Jan must call on their faith to pull through. Will it be enough? Book 2 in the Shelton Heights series. Fiction


The Black List
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
A collaboration between entertainment critic Elvis Mitchell and noted photographer Greenfield-Sanders profiles 25 remarkable African Americans from many different fields. Suzan-Lori Parks, Bill T. Jones, Chris Rock, Zane, Faye Wattleton and others provide insights on the struggles, triumphs and joys of black life in America. Non-Fiction


How Strong Women Pray
Bonnie St. John
The author talks to notable women about the role that prayer has in their lives. Hear from Susan Taylor, Edie Falco, Della Reese, Amy Grant and more. Non-Fiction


Reposition Yourself: living life without limits
T.D. Jakes
Bishop Jakes teaches his readers that success comes from being open to one’s faith, receiving blessings and using the gifts that each of us are given. Those who have reached success should not become complacent, but position themselves to continue to grow, both spiritually and materially. Non-Fiction


Somewhat Saved
Pat G’orge-Walker
Reverend Bling needs to get Mother Bea Blister and Mother Sasha Pray Onn out of his hair for awhile. He sends them to the evangelical Mothers Conference in Las Vegas. Sin City is a long way from the church of “Ain’t Nobody Saved But Us - All Others Goin’ to Hell,” and staying holy is harder than they thought. G’orge mixes poignancy with humor is this send up of church life. Fiction


Keep the Faith: A Memoir
Faith Evans
Music star Faith Evans has had success and heartache. She has made her share of mistakes. In this memoir, she talks about her life with Biggie Smalls and how she has changed since then. Non-Fiction