Get in the Spirit of Halloween

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The Big Book of Halloween
From costumes to treats, this Better Homes and Gardens book contains everything needed to get ghosts and goblins in the spirit of the season. Crafters are given detailed instructions to create more than 250 projects and 80 ghoulishly delicious recipes.


A Hallowe'en Anthology: literary and historical writings over the Centuries
Lisa Morton
This unique anthology gathers together works on the history of Halloween ranging from pre-Christian Celtic myths to early 20th century. Included are articles, poems, short stories, a one-act play, Irish and Scottish folk tales, the first book on the holiday ever published, and 34 vintage photographs and illustrations.


Better Homes and Gardens Halloween: 101 frightfully fun ideas
Filled with easy techniques and original ideas for parties, crafts, decorating, games, and recipes, this bright collection of Halloween fun features step-by-step photos and instructions.


Halloween : the best of Martha Stewart living
Gleaned from editions of "Martha Stewart Living" magazine, this Halloween idea book features delicious tricks and wicked treats that can be used year after year with 200 full-color photos.


Halloween : costumes, parties, activities, recipes
Susie Johns
1000 spooky and bewitching ideas and tips on how to create the spirit of Halloween in your own home and put the scream back into Halloween! Dip into this wonderful medivey of practical advice and trivia and prepare yourself for the most haunting Halloween ever! Includes information on the lore and the history of Halloween, customs and superstitions of Halloween, recipes for tempting treats to serve at Halloween parties, ideas for creepy and original costumes, the best trick-or-treat and pumpkin carving tips, and ideas on how-to decorate a party room.


Creative costumes & Halloween de´cor : 50 projects to craft & sew.
The all-in-one Halloween book! Creative Costumes & Halloween Décor combines costume and decorating projects into one convenient book. The costumes are designed around three basic styles: tabards, gowns, and full suits (made from pajama patterns). Accessories like wings, capes, skirts and lots of headwear are also included. Details like collars, gloves, spats, and face painting instructions offer lots of ideas for personalizing costumes. The decor section includes 30 unique projects for decorating your house inside and out, along with special projects for throwing a Halloween party. The projects use common household products plus lots of craft-store items like wood pieces, paints, papier mache, felt, craft foam, floral materials, and polymer clay. Step-by-step instructions with photos of every step make the projects-both costume and decor-easy to understand.


Halloween: from pagan ritual to party night
Nicholas Rogers
In this fascinating study, Rogers shows how the holiday is a hodgepodge of ancient European pagan traditions, 19th-century Irish and Scottish celebrations, Western Christian interpretations of All Souls' Day and thoroughly modern American consumer ideals.


Great Pumpkins: crafty carving for Halloween
Peter Cole
This guide will surely provide inspiration for pumpkin carvers whose Halloween ambitions reach beyond the typical jack'o'lantern grimace. Authors Cole and Hurley present 24 designs ranging from simple to advanced, each complete with detailed carving instructions, a thorough list of tools and a full-color photograph of the end result. Also provide a brief history of the holiday, a few projects for pumpkin painters and drawings that can be photocopied and used as stencils.