Strange But True

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Nonfiction accounts of the offbeat, strange encounters, spirituality and conspiracy theories.

Stealing Jesus : how fundamentalism betrays Christianity
Bawer, Bruce
Discusses the Church of the Law vs. the Church of Love, and how the true message gets manipulated.


Bloodivine of the Holy Grail; the hipen lineage of Jesus revealed
Gardner, Laurence
From one of the most acclaimed authors on myth and scripture, the real life version of Da Vinci Code’s Sir Leigh Teabing.


The new Pearl Harbor : disturbing questions about the Bush administration and 9/11
Griffin, David Ray
Theologian Griffin never meant to sniff out conspiracies, but too many anomalies regarding 9/11 vexed him.


Supernatural : meetings with the ancient teachers of mankind
Hancock, Graham
A remarkable exploration of prehistoric cave art, the fairy dimension, UFOs, and shamanism.


Power vs. force : the hipen determinants of human behavior
Hawkins, David R
Uses kinesiology to chart and effect levels of consciousness.


Maya cosmogenesis 2012 : the true meaning of the Maya calendar end-date
Jenkins, John Major
Will the years leading up to 2012 provide calamity or the unveiling of truth and light.

Entering the circle : the secrets of ancient Siberian wisdom discovered by a Russian psychiatrist
Kharitidi, Olga
A fascinating account of a modern Russian woman’s bridge from the world of science and medicine to the realm of the ancestors..




[Cover]Design for dying
Leary, Timothy
Find how the psychologist turned consciousness guru planned for his demise from terminal cancer.


Worker in the light : unlock your five senses and liberate your limitless potential
Noory, George
Find out what America’s favorite late night talk show host (Coast to Coast AM) has to say about human potential.


Breaking open the head : a psychedelic journey into the heart of contemporary shamanism
Pinchbeck, Daniel
Deep thinker for the next generation, picking up where Terence McKenna left off.

[Cover]Cyberia : life in the trenches of hyperspace
Rushkoff, Douglas
A cultural milestone from the early 90s, when rave music and the Internet were emerging.




Counterculture through the ages : from Abraham to acid house
Sirius, R. U.
Read about the nails of progress that the hammer of society has tried to strike back into conformity through the millennia.


[Cover]Communion : a true story
Strieber, Whitley
The classic recounting of the author’s experience with “the visitors”

Everything is under control : conspiracies, cults, and cover-ups
Wilson, Robert Anton
Provides background for some of the societies mentioned in the insightful fiction written by the late great author.