Mothers and Daughters

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72 Hour Hold
Bebe Moore Campbell

A successful L.A. business woman tries to save her 18 year-old daughter who battles bipolar disorder. Trina’s illness escalates until she ends up in the hospital on “72 hour hold,” forcing her mother Keri to confront the health insurance industry and Trina’s father who denies her illness.

Someone Not Really Her Mother
Harriet Scott Chessman

Hannah Pearl is living with Alzheimer’s disease. She can’t remember if the nursing home aid is her daughter, her sister, or a stranger. As her mind wanders from lucid present to the past, she can't remember whether she is still in occupied France in 1940, in England during and after the war, or in America raising her daughter alone. Hannah’s memories of losing her entire family in the concentration camps and her husband in a freak accident are the only ones clear to her anymore.

Mary Gordon

A single mother and former radical is drawn abruptly back into political protest when she receives word that her daughter, a student at Trinity College in Dublin, is engaged in a hunger strike and has chained herself to a flagpole outside the American Embassy.

The Seduction of Water
Carol Goodman

Writer Iris Greenfeld takes a job as the manager of the Catskills hotel where her mother, fifty years before, worked as a maid and wrote novels in the off-season. Iris uses her time at the hotel to write her mother’s biography and delve into the long-buried mystery of her mother’s last, lost manuscript.

The Heretic's Daughter
Kathleen Kent

Martha Carrier was one of the first women to be accused, tried, and hanged as a witch in Salem, Massachusetts. Her daughter, Sarah was just nine years old when she and her three older brothers were also arrested for witchcraft, and spent months imprisoned under horrific conditions. Kent brings history to life in this vivid, sometimes wrenching account of a child and her family sustained by love through the hysteria of the time.

Amy Bloom

Lillian Leyb, a 22-year-old Jewish immigrant survived the Russian pogrom which killed her husband and parents, and separated her from her three-year-old daughter, Sophie. Arriving in New York in 1924, Lillian dreams of Sophie, lands a job as a seamstress, becomes the mistress of both Meyer Burstein and his very connected father, Reuben, learns to speak English, and eventually embarks on a quest to find her daughter. Lillian's journey takes her through Chicago, into Seattle’s African-American underworld and across the Alaskan wilderness.

Things I Want My Daughters to Know
Elizabeth Noble

Barbara Forbes, dying of cancer, leaves words of wisdom for her four daughters in the form of letters to each of them. By drawing on the wisdom in Barbara's letters, the girls might just find a way to cope with their loss. And in coming to terms with their bereavement, can they also set themselves free to enjoy their lives with all the passion and love each deserves?

We Are All Welcome Here
Elizabeth Berg

Having contracted polio at 22 while pregnant, Paige Dunn delivers her baby from an iron lung, and ends up raising her daughter, Diana, alone after her husband divorces her. Able to move only her head, Paige requires round-the-clock nursing care. 13 year-old Diana has taken over the night shift to save them money, sharing her mother's care with no-nonsense African-American day worker Peacie. As the summer unfolds, hate and adversity will visit this modest home, and each of the women will find her own path to independence, understanding and peace.

Queen of Dreams
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Rakhi is an artist living in California, struggling to keep her business afloat and raise her daughter. Always curious about her family’s past in India, Rakhi discovers the journals her mother kept as a dream interpreter, and begins to learn about her mother’s identity and her own.

What to Keep
Rachel Cline

Twelve-year-old Denny discovers that brilliant people don’t always make the best parents, and she learns to rely on her friend Maureen as a maternal stand-in after her parent’s divorce. Fast forward to Denny’s adulthood when she flies home to Columbus to help her mother, now remarried and on the eve of a prestigious career opportunity, pack-up the family home before it's sold. Denny's question—what to keep of her youthful possessions—motivates her move to New York and leads to another career change.

Missing Mom
Joyce Carol Oates

Nikki Eaton, 31, is a reporter for a small-town newspaper and the black sheep of her family. Never having particularly thought of herself as a daughter, when her mother is murdered she undergoes a remarkable transformation during a tumultuous year that brings sorrow, illumination, wisdom, and even a nurturing love.

Babylon Sisters
Pearl Cleage

Cat Anderson is living the good life in Atlanta with a satisfying job and great friends when her teenage daughter shakes things up. Phoebe demands more information about her absent father, compelling Cat to face the biggest lie she’s ever told.