Quilting II

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The Quilter's Apprentice

Jennifer Chiaverini

As a young woman learns to quilt from a cantankerous older woman, she also learns about the deep love that can exist between friends. This series debut of The Elm Creek Quilters is full of folklore about quilting and how it brings women together in circles of quilting and friendship.

The Lover's Knot: a Someday Quilts Mystery
Clare O'Donohue

O’Donohue's series debut introduces Nell Fitzgerald whose broken engagement leads her to the town of Archer's Rest, where her grandmother Eleanor Cassidy, runs the local quilt shop Someday Quilt. When the local handyman is found dead in the quilt shop, Nell finds herself in a romantic quandary amidst a small-town whodunit.

The Alpine Quilt
Mary Daheim

Members of the Burl Creek Thimble Club, a quilting circle in small-town Alpine, Washington, host a party to welcome back a resident who left years ago. The homecoming is cut short when she dies at a dinner party. Sleuthing ensues!

Bachelor's Puzzle
Judith Pella

First in the Patchwork Circle series, the local church ladies society and their eligible daughters make a quilt for the new preacher and try to outdo one another to gain the attention of the young minister, whose endearing mistakes may not cover up his deception.

The Quilt: A Simple Story That Will Touch Your Heart in a Profound Way
T. Davis Bunn

Despite her arthritis, a grandmother endeavors to make one final quilt to pass along her spiritual heritage to family and friends.

Clay's Quilt
Silas House

Clay Sizemore, a coal miner in love, searches his family history for clues about who he is, uncovering a dramatic story woven into the fabric of his uncle's quilts.