Quilting: A Patchwork of Stories

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The Fortune Quilt
Lani Diane Rich
Carly McKay's world is thrown out of whack after she produces a television story about a psychic quilt-maker.  Carly receives a quilt and a puzzling reading that warns her of upcoming changes in her life.


The Alpine Quilt
Mary Daheim
Members of the Burl Creek Thimble Club, a quilting circle in small-town Alpine, Washington, are planning to welcome back Genevieve Bayard, who left Alpine, decades ago. But Gen's homecoming is cut decidedivy short when she dies at a dinner party.


Ever After
Lenora Worth, Lois Richer and Janet Tronstad
A collection of 3 novels, including The Weping Quilt, A Will and a Weping, and A Bride for Dry Creek.


The Christmas Quilt: A Novel
Thomas Davis
A realistic story of seven months in the lives of one family in the mountains of Georgia in 1942, including accounts of Sunday dinners and Granny stitching a quilt for her son who has long been absent.


The Healing Quilt
Lauraine Snelling
Four very different women come together to make a quilt to raise money for a local hospital, and in the course of working on it their lives are changed as well.


The Quilter’s Apprentice
Jennifer Chiaverini
In this first novel in the Elm Creek Quilts series, Sarah is under pressure to find a job and a place in her new town.  She begins learning to quilt from an irritable old woman, and along the way she learns about the power of friendship.


Zakes Mda
Native South African and professional mourner Toloki comes to America, and is puzzled by the culture.  Toloki learns quilting from the mother of his host family, and discovers the link forged by quilts to his ancestral history.


Murders on Elderberry Road
Sally Goldenbaum
It was an ideal morning in a quiet town, until Po Paltrow discovered a body inside Selma Parker’s quilt shop.  The first in the Queen Bees Quilt Mystery series.


Alaskan Midnight: Four Romances Quilted from the Pieces of Broken Lives
Joyce Livingston
A collection of novellas, telling the stories of four women who move to Juneau, Alaska to begin new chapters in their lives.  Titles include Northern Exposure, Hand Quilted with Love, Be My Valentine, and The Baby Quilt.


Clay’s Quilt
Silas House
Tells the story of Clay Sizemore who lost his mother at the age of 4.  As an adult, he uses his strong family network to piece together what is known of her life.



The Quilt: A Simple Story that will Touch your Heart in a Profound Way
T. Davis Bunn
Mary is a grandmother whose hands, though arthritic, hold their own beauty.  They have been witness to much, and she feels that there is one more project left for them to finish.