A Taste of the Southwest

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A Richer Dust
Amy Boaz

This is the story of a painter and the changes she experienced in her life, from her British Victorian childhood to her later years in Taos, New Mexico.

Michael McGarrity

Kevin Kerney, former chief of detectives for the Santa Fe PD, goes back to work when his ex-partner asks for help locating his son, but before long the investigation leads in the unexpected direction of his own past. (First in a series.)

Bad Faith
Aimee Thurlo

After the mysterious death of Father Anselm, Sister Agatha, a nun in a cloistered order in the New Mexico desert, finds herself the primary suspect in the crime. (First in a series.)

Steven Havill

When five teenagers are killed in a car wreck and $150,000 in cocaine is found on the scene, an elderly under-sheriff and his young associate must find answers for their New Mexico town.

Dance With the Dragon
David Hagberg

A former CIA Director comes out of retirement to investigate the shooting death of a CIA agent in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Ann Cummins

Thirty years after a New Mexico uranium mine is closed, an activist group seeks compensation for exposure to radioactive dust; Conflict soon arises between two of the families involved--one Navajo, one Anglo.

Wild Indigo
Sandi Ault

Jamaica Wild, an agent with the Bureau of Land Management witnesses the death of a Tanoah man during a buffalo stampede. She believes that the death wasn’t an accident, so she and her Pueblo surrogate grandmother look into it themselves.

Crazy Love
Steve Brewer

Jealousy can make you crazy. Albuquerque private eye Bubba Mabry finds this out when he is hired by a millionaire to investigate his late-wife’s extramarital activities. (from the Bubba Mabry P.I. series)

The Blessing Way
Tony Hillerman

The body of an Indian was found in Many Ruins Canyon, and the death may involve witchcraft. Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn must crack the case. (First in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee mystery series)

The Whole World Over
Julia Glass

When she moves to New Mexico with her 4 year old son and leaves her husband and business behind, Greenie Duquette begins a period of confusion and reflection.

The Night Journal
Elizabeth Crook

Thirty seven and single, Meg Mabry is still looking for her place in the world. Although she resents the weight of her renowned family’s history, she makes unexpected discoveries when she takes a trip to Pecos, New Mexico with her overbearing grandmother.

Always Time to Die
Elizabeth Lowell

When a researcher is hired by a prominent New Mexico family to delve into its history, she uncovers a long-buried secret that could threaten her life.