Under The Boardwalk

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Unnatural Selection
Aaron Elkins
When invited to attend a biodiversity conference hosted by an eccentric Russian genius, a park ranger and her husband, a forensics expert, become embroiled in a local murder.


The Body in the Lighthouse
Katherine Hall Page
A caterer and her family refurbish a cottage in Maine where a clash between year-round residents and summer visitors results in arson and murder.

Trap Door
Sarah Graves
A former mob money manager struggles with an ex-husband’s ghost, an alcoholic son, and hiding her best friend from a master hit man while trying to complete home repairs, (home improvement tips included).

Wrecker’s Key
Christine Kling
A salvage captain launches her own investigation when the captain of a ship she is towing turns up dead.


Murder on the Rocks
Karen MacInerney
The owner of a bed-and-breakfast is the prime murder suspect when the developer for the property next door is found dead.

Hunter’s Moon
Randy Wayne White
A marine biologist linked to the intelligence community gets involved solving the mysterious death of a former U.S. president’s wife.

Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund
Blaize Clement
The simple act of waving to a passerby while on a morning jog takes a terrorizing twist when Dixie Hemingway stumbles upon a murder victim moments later.

Buried Dreams
Brendan DuBois
A retired Dept. of Defense “research analyst” works to solve the murder of a man who claimed to have artifacts that proved Tyler Beach, New Hampshire was once the site of a Viking settlement.

Judas Island
Kathryn Wall
Members of a fledgling detective agency must discover why an archaeologist died under unusual circumstances before he could investigate the appearance of a skeleton along the South Carolina coast.

Vineyard Prey
Philip Craig
A retired Boston cop on Martha’s Vineyard works to solve a terrorist plot against a government agent and his undercover intelligence team.

Indian Pipes
Cynthia Riggs
Opposing factions debating a Native American gambling casino combined with a Harley biker rally raise murderous trouble for feisty 92-year-old deputy sheriff, Victoria Trumbull.

The Orkney Scroll
Lyn Hamilton
A Toronto antique-store owner traces the provenance of a writing cabinet back to the Orkneys in an attempt to redeem her reputation after the cabinet she authenticated for a murdered antiques dealer and colleague turns out to be a fake.