Early America

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Shadowbrook: a Novel of Love and War, and the Birth of America
Beverly Swerling

Swerling tells a gripping, multilayered story of America during the colonial wars. Divided loyalties and the quest for independence are portrayed through the lives of Quentin Hale, a fearless gentleman-turned-scout, and Cormac Shea, the part-Irish, part-Indian woodsman with a foot in both worlds. Through these powerfully drawn characters a tale of ordinary men and women living in a world on the brink of astonishing change comes searingly alive.

April Morning
Howard Fast

April Morning chronicles one day in the life of the Cooper family during the American Revolution. Hailed as one of the best novels depicting that period, Howard Fast’s narrative follows fifteen-year-old Adam Cooper as the Redcoats approach his town of colonial Lexington, his family forced to make a decision between fleeing and fighting.

Rise to Rebellion
Jeff Shaara

Told from the perspective of a myriad of inexperienced but spirited patriots, this tale of the American Revolution spans from the Boston Massacre through the signing of the Declaration of Independence, as America drove onward towards liberty.

Glorious Cause
Jeff Shaara

The sequel to Rise to Rebellion – an ongoing tale of the rebels who stood up to a vast and arrogant empire. Treason, betrayal, victory and defeat baptize a new nation born through sheer force of will.

The Fort
Bernard Cornwell

Personalities clash and battles rage in a novel based on the ill fated Penobscot Expedition. Cornwell’s signature attention to military detail and insight into the fighting man’s life give this rousing tale accuracy and excitement.

Dreams of Glory
Thomas Fleming

In this tale of shifting loyalties, it’s hard to know whom to trust. But Congressman Hugh Stapleton finds an unlikely double agent when he pressures Chaplain Caleb Chandiver into spying on the British.

From Sea to Shining Sea
James Alexander Thom

The fortunes of the Clark family of Virginia mirror the growth of our nation. Founding parents Ann and John establish a home in Virginia in 1773; charismatic son George establishes a presence in the wilderness that is now Detroit, while young and adventurous William follows the Missouri with friend Merriweather Lewis.

Washington and Caesar
Christian Cameron

Washington and Caesar is a compelling fictional dramatization of the American Revolution, told from the duel viewpoints of George Washington and Caesar, Washington’s slave boy who escapes Mt. Vernon to fight on the side of the British. A fascinating read, this novel highlights the hypocrisy of white Revolutionaries, fighting for freedom while enslaving another race.

Johnny Tremain
Esther Forbes

Although Johnny Tremain is a children’s book, readers of any age will enjoy it. The winner of 1943 Newbery Medal is one of the finest historical novels ever written for young people. To read it is to live through the defining events leading up to the American Revolutionary War as seen through the eyes of a boy who turns in his smithing tools to take up a rifle and fight for the liberty of America.

Johnny One-Eye: A Tale of the American Revolution
Jerome Charyn

Set in Manhattan, Johnny One Eye: A tale of the American Revolution is the story of John Stocking, a young man raised in a brothel. John is a double agent for the British, working as the right hand of Benedict Arnold. All the while John is plagued by the possibility that his father could possibly be none other than Gen. George Washington himself. This novel examines the roots of loyalty on every level of one man’s life.

Martha Peake: A Novel of the Revolution
Patrick McGrath

Harry Peake, a man left horribly disfigured by a fire, is known as the "Cripplegate Monster" amongst members of the London underworld. When Lord Drogo recruits Harry for his museum of anatomy, it sends Harry deep into an alcoholic daze of abuse, spurring his daughter Martha to make a break for America and its buping Revolution. But fate manages to bring father and daughter back together in ways neither could have imagined.