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[Cover]In the Company of the Courtesan: a novel
Sarah Dunant


In 1527, Fiammetta Bianchini, a famed courtesan and her dwarf companion, Bucino Teodoldi, escape to Venice to rebuild their business after the city of Rome is sacked and burned by an invading army.


[Cover]Leonardo's Swans
Karen Essex


Privileged sisters Isabella and Beatrice become rivals as they compete for the attentions of Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan.


[Cover]The Constant Princess
Philippa Gregory


Katherine of Aragon’s story is told in this fictional portrayal of Henry VIII’s first wife, following her journey from being the wife of Henry’s older brother, her widowhood, her marriage to Henry, and their divorce, which eventually led to his marriage to Anne Boleyn.


The Stargazer
Michele Jaffe


In order to find the murderer of a beautiful courtesan, Bianca Salva, the brilliant daughter of a renowned physician, must masquerade as a betrothed woman to Ian Foscari, a notorious aristocrat


[Cover]The Borgia Bride
Jeanne Kalogridis


Sancha of Aragon enters into a cautious friendship with her sensual and notorious sister-in-law and falls victim to the seductions of Cesare after she comes to Rome to marry the heir to the Borgia dynasty.


[Cover]Loredana: a Venetian tale
Bernard Bastable


Widow Loredana and Dominican Friar Orso fall in love, despite their class differences in nobility-dominated Renaissance Venice, and they write out penitential confessions to a trustworthy priest.


[Cover]The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi: a novell
Jacqueline Park


The lives and political situations of court patrons are recorded in a memoir for her son by the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family in the14th century.


[Cover]Vittorio the Vampire: new tales of the vampires
Anne Rice


In Renaissance Florence, Vittorio witnesses demons destroy his entire family and embarks on a desperate quest for revenge.


[Cover]The Secret Supper
Javier Sierra


Dominican inquisitor Fray Agustin is sent to oversee the completion of “The Last Supper,”, and investigates different symbols and omissions that suggest there is a coded message in Da Vinci’s painting.


The Agony and the Ecstasy
Irving Stone


The fictionalized biographical account of Michelangelo, from promising apprentice to the artist for a pope, to his painting of the Sistine Chapel.