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And Only to Deceive
Tasha Alexander
After becoming a widow soon after her convenient marriage to a dashing viscount, Emily finds that her husband was not who he claimed, and an investigation in the quiet corridors of the British Museum ensues.


Julian Barnes
Arthur and George
Chronicles the parallel lives of two boys, one who grows up to be a lawyer, and the other who eventually creates one of the most famous detectives in literature, and how they eventually come together to clear George’s name from an unjust conviction.

Emma Brown
Clare Boylan and Charlotte Brontë
The story of a mysterious young girl who turns a provincial Victorian school upside down, based upon twenty pages of unfinished manuscript by Charlotte Brontë.

The Great Stink
Clare Clark
Crimean War veteran William May struggles to retain his sanity after being framed for murder while working on London’s massive sewer repairs.


The Meaning of Night: a confession
Michael Cox
Edward Glyver believes he is destined for wealth and power, and stops at nothing to attain his rightful status as heir to a wealthy lord, including plotting to dispose of his cunning adversary, Phoebus Daunt.

The Crimson Petal and the White
Michel Faber
Sugar, a young woman looking to escape her life of prostitution, becomes entangled in the family life of a wealthy and egotistical patron when he installs her as his secret mistress in a fashionable hideaway.

Slaves of Obsession
Anne Perry
Investigator William Monk, along with his wife, is hired by a local arms dealer to find out who is blackmailing him, but murder, mysterious disappearances, and theft take Monk’s investigation on some unexpected turns.

[Cover]Mary Reilly
Valerie Martin
Mary Reilly, the loyal and trusted servant of Dr. Jekyll, records the mysterious circumstances of her master after his “assistant” Dr. Hyde comes to help in the laboratory.

The Unburied
Charles Palliser
Academic Dr. Courtine becomes entangled in a centuries-old mystery involving a medieval manuscript and terrifying events when he comes to spend the holidays with an old friend who lives near Thurchester Cathedral.

The Blood Doctor: a novel
Barbara Vine
Martin Nanther becomes engrossed in the life of his ancestor, Henry Nanther, a specialist in hemophilia and physician to Queen Victoria’s royal family, whose obsession with blood may have led to a violent and criminal nature.