What Our Staff is Reading

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The following are fiction and non-fiction titles that have been read and recommended by members of our staff. The initials or pen name of the contributing staff member are noted after each review. The titles may include award winners, not-so-recent bestsellers or a new look at the classics.


May 2013

[Cover]The guilty one

Fiction 2012
By Lisa Ballantyne

Alternating between the stories of a young child on trial for murder, and his lawyer's childhood past, this book's characters will stay with me for a long time, and leave me thinking about what guilt and innocence truly mean. This is a debut novel by an author I plan to follow, as her writing made me hate for the book to end.

Reviewed by sjc


Reconstructing Amelia Reconstructing Amelia

Fiction 2013
By Kimberly McCreight

A single mother, gets a call at work, that her daughter has been suspended from her private school and needs to be picked up. She arrives, to find her daughter dead from an apparent suicide. What follows is a story of the mother's past and present as she searches for the answer to the question why. A good read that leaves one thinking about teen's use of social media.

Reviewed by sjc