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Richard Morris

Richard Morris may refer to:

* Richard Morris (actor) (1862–1924), American actor * Richard Morris (archaeologist), English archaeologist and historian * Richard Morris (author) (1939–2003), American author, editor, and poet * Richard Morris (cricketer, born 1947), South African cricketer * Richard Morris (cricketer, born 1987), English cricketer * Richard Morris (folklorist) (1703–1779), Welsh folklorist * Richard Morris (U.S. politician) (1730–1810), New York politician and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court * Richard Morris (philology) (1833–1894), English philologist, Anglican Priest and writer * Richard Morris (UK politician) (1869–1956), British Member of Parliament for Battersea North, 1918–1922 * Richard B. Morris (1904–1989), American historian * Richard G. Morris (born 1948), neuroscientist and memory researcher, see Morris water navigation task * Richard Magnus Franz Morris (1934–2012), Liberian business and civic leader * Richard Thacker Morris (1917–1981), American sociologist and author * Richard Valentine Morris (1765–1814), US Navy officer during the First Barbary War * Dick Morris (born 1947), American political author and commentator * Dickie Morris (1879–?), Welsh footballer who played as an inside forward * Rick Morris (born 1946), ice hockey player * Rick Morris (politician) *Rick Morris, character on List of Person of Interest episodes
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