Textile Arts and Picture Books

Textile Art

Need a fun craft idea that you can do with a wide age range of kids?  Why not try making some of these Textile Art Circles! 
Textile arts are very popular these days and this version is very easy to make.  It's a great way to keep little hands busy.  And what to do while the kids are weaving, you ask?  Why not read them some beautiful picture books about kids learning, weaving, and dreaming.  Video instructions for the craft are below. Scroll down for book ideas, with links to our library catalog. Don't forget you can always request a book if it isn't available at your local library. 


Kunu's Basket
Kunu's Basket by Lee DeCora Francis
Feeling frustrated when his first attempt to weave a basket fails, a Penobscot Indian boy receives help and encouragement from his grandfather.  Written by a teacher at the Penobscot Nation.

Aneesa Lee
Aneesa Lee and the Weaver's Gift by Nikki Grimes
A collection of poems describes Aneesa Lee's activities as she prepares materials for weaving and works the loom before marveling at the beauty and meaning of her handicraft.

Rainbow Weaver
Rainbow Weaver=Tejedora del arcoíris by Linda Elovitz Marshall
Ixchel, a young Mayan girl who is not allowed to use her mother's thread to weave, exercises her ingenuity and repurposes plastic bags to create colorful weavings. Includes glossary and author's note.
Ixchel, una joven muchacha maya a la que no se le permite usar el hilo de su madre para tejer, ejerce su ingenio y reutiliza las bolsas de plástico para crear tejidos de colores. Incluye el glosario y la nota del autor.

Cloud Spinner
The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool
When the king orders a boy to make him a huge wardrobe out of the clouds in the sky, the boy warns him that it is more than he needs but the king does not listen.

The weaver
The Weaver by Thacher Hurd
High above the world, a weaver spins thread from such things as clouds, dyes it with colors from the sky and grass, and weaves a cloth filled with the emotions she sees throughout the day to make a blanket of dreams.