Buffalo Never Fails Programs for Grades 7 - 12

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Found Poetry: Creating Stories from Primary Sources
Adaptable for grades 7-12
In this interactive program, participants will have an opportunity to explore a variety of WWI primary source images, choosing one they feel drawn to.  Students will learn about the image, consider the historical context, and use a variety of “found” primary source texts to write a poem describing their photo.


School Garden Army
Adaptable for grades 7-12
In this program, teens will explore a number of primary sources, including WWI posters and U.S. government gardening pamphlets, to understand how School Garden Armies were encouraged for youth participation in the war effort. Connections will be made to the role of victory gardens and food production during wartime, as well as current trends in sustainability, urban and school gardens, and local organizations.


Two Suffragists, a Kitten and 10,000 Miles: From Research to Art
Adaptable for grades 7-12
Research is not just for writing school papers! Learn how authors use research and creativity to write historically accurate books for youth. We will focus on the Women’s Suffrage Movement by exploring an author’s story of two ordinary women who made an arduous cross country trip to gain the right to vote. Participants will gain exposure to online library resources by reconstructing the journey through primary sources.


World War I Posters: Influencing Youth on the Home Front
Adaptable for grades 7-12
Teens will examine WWI posters that emphasized youth participation in the wartime efforts at home. Students will examine the posters and discuss the motives behind their creation with connections made to today’s methods of influencing youth behavior.  Participants will create of their own propaganda poster using collage.