Buffalo Never Fails Programs for Grades K – 6

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Finding Winnie

Adaptable for grades K-3
Using the book Finding Winnie, students in grades K-3 will be familiarized with simple political and physical geographic concepts based on the nations of the United States, England and Canada. The book also forms the basis of understanding family generations through time with a simplified family tree that depicts a parent-child relationship. 
SS K.2, K.6, 1.5, 1.7, 2.5, 2.6, 3.1, 3.2, 3.4


World War I Poster Art

Adaptable for grades 2-6
In this program, WWI posters will be studied for artistic styles and propaganda techniques. Participants will then create their own poster.
P-12 NYS Arts 3


World War I Technological Advancements: Aviation

Adaptable for grades 3-6
This program looks at the advancements in aviation during WWI, as well as how Bernoulli’s Principle relates to an airplane’s wing and lift.  The program includes demonstrations, and participants will build a glider for experimentation.
NGSS 3-PS2, NGSS 5-PS2, NGSS MS-PS2, ELA Module 5.2B


How Did WWI Help Women Gain the Right to Vote?

Adaptable for grades 4-6
Using an interactive and engaging mock-election scenario, students will experience first-hand what it feels like to not have a say in important decisions. Women’s fight for suffrage will be discussed in the context of their contributions to the war efforts using primary source documents.
SS 4.4, 4.5


From World War I Propaganda to Today’s Fake News

Adaptable for grades 4-6
The use of biased or misleading information to promote a cause or point of view can be seen in WWI posters. This program indentifies propaganda techniques used then and now, and looks at how they relate to today’s trend of fake news.
NYSS RI 4.7, RI 5.8, RI 6.8


Code Breaking in WWI

Adaptable for grades 5-6
In this interactive “breakout” experience, students will collaboratively use problem-solving skills, as well as mathematical practices, to discover and decipher codes, unlocking the secrets of how the United States military helped win the intelligence war during WWI.
Math 5.OA