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Please consider donating your local high school and college yearbooks to the Grosvenor Room.

To view a list of yearbooks owned by the Grosvenor Room select the following link:

High School Year books, College Yearbooks, and School Publications


The Grosvenor Room welcomes donations to the local history and genealogy collections.

Donations are accepted in accordance with the Library’s Gift and Donor Recognition Policy and under the following guidelines and conditions:

  • All donated materials must be in good condition: free of dirt, mold, moisture, and pests.
  • No duplicate items (exceptions: replace current copy in poor condition, frequently used or rare title).
  • No obsolete formats, e.g., Beta tape, VHS tape, 8 mm film, floppy disks.
  • No audiovisual items (exception: oral histories with written transcripts).
  • Genealogy manuscripts and family histories* must be organized in family charts and/or narrative text.  Published and indexed genealogies in print are the preferred format for future researcher use.

*At this time, only genealogies that include family lines from Buffalo, Erie County, or WNY may be added to the collection. 

  • Scrapbook and photograph subjects must be easily identifiable.
  • Space is available for storage of the material.
  • Time required arranging the material for use is acceptable.

Donation Form – Grosvenor Room

The Library reserves the right to decline gift offers.  Materials that do not fit within our collecting policy will be referred to local historical societies or other institutions.

If necessary, donor(s) will sign a “Deed of Gift” transferring ownership (and copyright if applicable) to the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library.

Deed of Gift Form – Grosvenor Room Form

Rare or unique local history or genealogy materials may be added to the Rare Book Room collection.

All gifts are evaluated by the same materials selection standards that apply to purchased materials. Please see our Collection Development Policy for more information.

Reproductions & Permissions

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Copy Machines - One color and one black and white machine are available for use. The condition of the materials may prohibit copying. Copying is at the discretion of the librarian.

Photocopy Fees Per Print (subject to change):

Black and White
8.5x11 - 15 cents
8.5x14 - 30 cents
11 x 17 - 30 cents

8.5x11 - 50 cents
8.5x14 - $1.00
11 x 17 - $1.00

Microfilm Machines
Microfilm and microfiche reader/printer machines are available for use. Printing is in black and white and costs 20 cents per 8.5 x 11 page. One microfilm machine has digital capability. Floppy disks and flash drives may be used in the machine.

Photographic and Digital Reproduction

Photographic and digital reproduction of any Library materials whether for personal use or publication requires Library permission. In either case, you must complete one of the following forms:

Authorization Request for Reproductions --  Personal Use Form
Authorization Request for Reproductions --  Publication Form

Fees may apply: Reproductions and Permissions

Fee Schedule

Permission to reproduce or photograph material does not imply permission to publish. It is the patron’s obligation to satisfy copyright regulations when copying or using materials found in the collection.