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2012 Literally Speaking

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Literally Speaking Titles Archive 2004-2011

January 17th

The History of Love: A Novel
by Nicole Krauss
Fiction 2006

A long-lost book reappears, connecting an old man searching for his son and a young girl trying to cure her widowed mother's loneliness. Leo Gursky lives alone, tapping his radiator each evening to let his upstairs neighbor know he's still alive. Years ago, in the Polish village where he was born, Leo fell in love and wrote a book. Unbeknownst to him, that book inspired amazing circumstances, even love. Fourteen year-old Alma, named after a character in that book, undertakes an adventure to find her namesake and save her family.

Little BeeJuly 17th

Little Bee
by Chris Cleave
Fiction 2009

In this fierce yet poignant novel, the globalized world extracts a heavy payment on individual lives. A horrifying incident on an African beach entwines a Nigerian teen and a seemingly successful British family. Years later, she shows up in England in search of survival.




Before I ForgetFebruary 21st

Before I Forget
by Leonard Pitts, Jr.
Fiction 2009

Just days after being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Mo Johnson and his troubled son take a road trip to visit his dying father. This debut novel by Pulitzer Prize Winning columnist Leonard Pitts, is a compelling story about three generations of African American men and the sometimes painful relations between fathers and sons.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet: a novel August 21st

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet: a novel
by Jamie Ford
Fiction 2009

Artifacts from Japanese families sent to internment camps during World War II are found during renovations of a Seattle hotel, sending Henry Lee on a quest to rediscover old memories of a boy growing up Chinese amidst the anti-Japanese sentiment of a war torn country.



By NightfallMarch 20th

By Nightfall
by Michael Cunningham
Fiction 2010

A Manhattan art world couple, Peter and Rebecca, seem to have it all, that is, until her problem brother Ethan comes to stay with them.



The Ghost MapSeptember 18th

Ghost Map: the story of London’s deadliest epidemic – and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world
by Steven Johnson
Non-fiction 2006

In a historical chronicle of the cholera outbreak of 1850s Victorian London, the efforts of Dr. John Snow and clergyman Henry Whitehead are traced as they risk their lives to pursue the cause and prevention of future outbreaks using science, not superstition, to battle the disease.

When You Reach MeApril 17th

When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
J Fiction 2009

In this award winning novel, Miranda and her best friend, Sal, know how to navigate their New York City neighborhood. They know where it's safe to go, and they know who to avoid. But when Sal gets punched by a kid on the street for what seems like no reason, things start to unravel. He shuts Miranda out of his life, Miranda's mom’s hidden apartment key gets stolen, and mysterious notes begin to arrive speaking of things no one should know. Miranda begins to realize that she may be the only one that can prevent a tragic death, or is it already too late?

The GargoyleOctober 16th

The Gargoyle
by Andrew Davidson
Fiction 2008

This New York Times best seller is the mesmerizing story of one man's descent into personal hell and his quest for salvation. On a dark road in the middle of the night, a car plunges into a ravine. The driver survives the crash, but his injuries confine him to a hospital burn unit. There the mysterious Marianne Engel, a sculptress of grotesques, enters his life. She insists they were lovers in medieval Germany, when he was a mercenary and she was a scribe in the monastery of Engelthal. As she spins the story of their past lives together, the man's disbelief falters; soon, even the impossible can no longer be dismissed.

The Greater Journey : Americans in ParisMay 17th

The Greater Journey : Americans in Paris
by David G. McCullough
Non-fiction 2011

An ambitious, wide-ranging study of how being in Paris helped spark generations of American genius, McCullough delivers capsule biographies of the famous and obscure and produces a colorful parade of educated, Victorian-era American travelers and their life-changing experiences in Paris.

State of WonderNovember 20th

State of Wonder
by Ann Patchett
Fiction 2011

A pharmaceutical company’s field team in the Amazon has not reported their findings for two years. The scientist sent to check on them has suddenly mysteriously died. Now Marina must make the same dangerous trip to confront the team and her own past.

The Night CircusJune 19th

The Night Circus
by Erin Morgenstern
Fiction 2011

Le Cirque des Reves is a circus like no other – it is gorgeous, spectacular and mysterious. It is also the setting for a grand magical competition. As children, Celia and Marco are bound to and trained for this magical duel. But when the two fall in love, complications arise. And not just for the lovers, but the circus as well.

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