Alexander Hamilton - The Man Who Made Modern America

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Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential of the founding fathers especially in the early years of the new government under George Washington. In this exhibit, his life is explored using four themes - as an Immigrant / Soldier, a Lawmaker / Economist, a Futurist and The Duel. There is also a section called Hamilton’s Bookshelf which contains works that Hamilton consulted, some throughout his lifetime. Here is a sample of items included in the exhibit.

This first edition of The Federalist, conceived and principally written by Hamilton along with James Madison and John Jay, was sent to Thomas Jefferson by John Jay.  It is annotated in Jefferson’s own hand on page 151.

Hamilton was a prodigious writer and he used this 18th century version of a "laptop" to work on reports and correspondence while he traveled. The desk is on loan from Hamilton College. A letter written by Hamilton rests on it, next to a first edition of his influential Report on Manufactures.

Alexander Hamilton was the First Treasury Secretary. Shown here is a formal letter from him regarding the imposition of taxes on domestic spirits that incited the Whiskey Rebellion.