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Beginning, January 1, 2021, the Read Down Your Fines program for children age 16 and under will be Year-round!

Children can read whatever and wherever they want!  Read at home, the library, camp, etc.  Read a book, eBook, magazine, a newspaper, instructions, a cereal box…  List what is read and minutes spent reading on the Read Down Your Fines READING LOG!

Completed reading logs can be:

  • Emailed to
  • Dropped off at any Buffalo & Erie County Public Library'
  • Mailed to any Buffalo & Erie County Public Library 

When the Library receives your READING LOG a staff member will review your account and then your outstanding library fines will be erased (based on the number of minutes you read).  Please give us a little time (up to 5 business days) to make this happen.  You can check your account online at My Account or call the Central Library at 716-858-8900 with questions. 

Who is eligible?
The Read Down Your Fines program is for children age 16 and under. 

How does Read Down Your Fines work?
Read Down Your Fines is a fun way for children age 16 and under to erase library overdue fines.  They can erase $1.00 in fines for every 15 minutes of reading.  A teen, age 13 – 16, who reads to a child is eligible to erase $2.00 in fines for every 15 minutes and the child being read to gets to erase $1.00 in fines for every 15 minutes of listening!   

Where do I get a READING LOG*?        

For more information, contact the Library at 716-858-8900 or at

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The Library has all you need to read! 

Look for books in our online catalog or download an eBook to your phone or tablet.  We also have access to School Summer Reading Lists  from area schools. 

Don’t Know What to Read?

Check out our Children’s and Teen Services blogs or our Pinterest page.  We have lots of great titles to share!

Get Involved!

Sign up and participate in a library activity!

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