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Institutional Services

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Institutional Services

The Institutional Services Division provides library services in two Erie County institutions.


Correctional Facility Library

This library located within the Erie County Correctional Facility contains both a law library and a general public library. Constructed in 1986, this 7,500 square foot library was the first to be built as a core or focal point of a Correctional Facility. Its general collection contains over 8,000 books for inmates' educational and recreational purposes, and 1,000 square feet of the library is set aside to house a legal collection of over 4,000 volumes. Computers are available to inmates for their legal work.

Holding Center Library

Begun in 1969 as cart service to cells, this library has grown to encompass a new facility with both a legal collection and a general library. Residents can borrow all types of materials from adventure fiction to religious non-fiction and use a large legal collection while awaiting trial.

Connections: A Guide to Transitional Services in Erie County

This booklet contains useful information about services available to ex-offenders, including crisis services and counseling, employment and education, housing and food, legal, medical, substance abuse, transportation, and veterans benefits. For any questions, please contact the Institutional Services Division at 858-7159. The guide may also be downloaded from the following link: B&ECPL Connections 2016 (pdf) | B&ECPL Connections 2011 - Spanish (pdf)

Suggested Websites for Ex-Offenders

Western New York

  • Central Referral Service, Inc. (Western New York 2-1-1)
    http://www.211wny.org/ (2-1-1 in Western New York)
    Giving individuals free and confidential referrals to Western New York health and human service providers. 
    PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO, INC. provides networking opportunities, referrals to service providers, and community building by redirecting civil, social, and legal barriers to the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and victims of crime.
  • WNY New start
    This site provides contact information to obtain assistance with housing, job training, medical needs and with other services needed for reentry from prison. The 72-hour checklists on this site provide a simple road map to follow that will increase the likelihood of a smoother transition as ex-offenders put together a new start.

New York State

  • National Reentry Resource Center- NY State
    The National Reentry Resource Center provides important information for anyone reentering society from prison. These guides, service directories and publications will lead to the help needed for a smooth transition.
  • The Prime Objective: A Guide to Preparing the Job Seeking Ex-Offender
    Prepared by the New York State Department of Labor, The Prime Objective is a resource booklet designed to help ex-offenders, or those who work with ex-offenders make reentry into the workforce as successful as possible.