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Buffalo & Erie County Public Library Strategic Plan 2022-2026

In 2021, the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library continuously assessed library services, programs and technology. This included surveys involving staff, trustees, partners, stakeholders, library users and library non-users. Survey results and operational data including circulation, program attendance, door counts, collection development activities, public access computer use and internal reports were reviewed.

As a result of the evaluation process, a Working Group consisting of staff representing the Central Library, Buffalo branches and contracting member libraries, library trustees and B&ECPL administrators worked collaboratively to develop several planning documents.

The 2022-2026 Strategic Plan has been developed as a System plan and, as such, will impact services and initiatives on all levels and at all B&ECPL locations. This 2022-2026 Strategic Plan encompasses service initiatives strongly aligned and integrated with other B&ECPL Board-approved planning documents and supports the B&ECPL’s Mission and Vision statements. It is aligned and integrated with the B&ECPL 2022-2026 Five-Year System Plan of Service and B&ECPL 2022-2026 Central Library Plan of Service. Additionally, it serves as the Long-Range Plan of Service required to meet New York State Minimum Public Library Standards.

The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library 2022-2026 Strategic Plan was adopted and approved by the B&ECPL Board of Trustees on December 16, 2021 per Resolution 2021-39.