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Gift and Donor Recognition Policy

This policy is for application to those libraries within the City of Buffalo (Central Library and Buffalo Branch Libraries) and Buffalo & Erie County Public Library System functions.


  1. The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library (B&ECPL) actively encourages and welcomes gifts and contributions which will help the Library better serve the needs of the community. All donations and gifts to the Library are subject to New York State applicable laws as well as the Library’s existing policies and guidelines.

    The purpose of a formal recognition program is to thank donors, encourage others to give, and build healthy, long-term relationships between the B&ECPL and its donors. Every effort will be made to ensure that recognition is timely, meaningful to the donor, appropriate, and equitable.

  2. Monetary gifts as well as library and other materials in good condition may be donated to the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library or any individual library.

  3. All gifts (designated and undesignated) are subject to the terms of this policy. Undesignated gifts will be utilized at the discretion of the B&ECPL Board of Trustees or its designee in accordance with this policy and/or the B&ECPL Collection Development Policy.

  4. The B&ECPL will make every effort to honor the wishes of donors. Gifts on which a donor places restrictions or special conditions will be allowed only if those restrictions or conditions are accepted by the B&ECPL Board of Trustees or its designee.


  1. Monetary gifts in any amount including but not limited to onetime or recurring financial donations, bequests, memorials, stock options, and legacy gifts are accepted year-round.

  2. Gifts of traditional library materials will be accepted with the understanding that the B&ECPL reserves the right to add items to the collection, distribute to other libraries, sell, donate, or discard them. Any items added to the collection will be evaluated and judged according to the selection standards in the B&ECPL Collection Development Policy.

  3. Personal property, real property, antiques, and all other gifts will be accepted at the discretion of the Library Director or his or her designee. The Director may enlist the feedback of the B&ECPL Board of Trustees depending on the item or offer.

  4. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to the donor provided contact information is given. The B&ECPL will not appraise or estimate the value of gift donations. The responsibility for such appraisal lies with the donor.

  5. The B&ECPL may consider individual plaques, paving stones, or equivalent acknowledgement for substantial donations at the discretion of the B&ECPL Board of Trustees and the owner of the building. The B&ECPL reserves the right to name or re-name designated facilities (with proper permissions), resources, or collections if the terms of a donation are not honored, if the term (duration) of a donation expires, or if the B&ECPL Board of Trustees determines that continued association does not support the mission or image of the B&ECPL.

  6. The B&ECPL shall maintain donor confidentiality when requested by the donor, subject to disclosure upon request for consent of the donor or pursuant to subpoena, court order, or where otherwise required by law.

Adopted April 18, 2002 - Supersedes B&ECPL Gift Policy.
Amended June 17, 2010, per Res. 2009-45.
Amended September 19, 2013, per Res. 2013-30.
Amended July 21, 2016, per Res. 2016-30.