Brain Sparks: Creative Fuel for the Mind (March 2023)

Cover of frankly in love. Pink background and three teens standing

Do you love art? Reading? Join us for Brain Sparks!

This program is for teens who are 13-17 years old (or 8th to 12th grade). Each month teens meet to discuss the selected book and do something creative. The program is available in two formats: virtual and in-person. 

When you register, choose either the virtual or in-person option for that month. The content of both programs is the same. The virtual program is via Zoom and the in-person program takes place at the Central Library. 

Step one: Register. Check out this month's books: Frankly in Love and The House of the Scorpion

Note this month is unique in that we are reading two books due to a tie! Read the one that appeals to you most or both! We will discuss both books at the program.

Step two: Read the book (s) before the program

Step three: Decide if you would like to join us in person or online.

March Program

Craft: Galaxy Coasters

Books: Frankly in Love and The House of the Scorpion

    In-person (Central) Participants will receive craft supplies at the program

    • Saturday, March 4, 2:30-4:30

    Virtual (Zoom) Craft supplies will be sent to your designated library

    • Thursday, March 23, 4-5:30