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Telephone Directories

Telephone Directories



Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA): Business
Reference USA includes 12 million nationwide business listings searchable by name, location, line of business, size and other details. This database is a goldmine for the entrepreneur collecting industry information in their area, compiling lists of competitors, customers, and potential partners.

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA): Canadian Residential
Search over 12 million residential listings throughout Canada.  

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA): Canadian Business
Search 1.5 million Canadian businesses by name, location, line of business, size, and other details.   

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA): Health Care
Includes 855,000 physician and dentist listings throughout the U.S.   

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA): Residential Database 
Reference USA Residential Database is compiled from more than 3,900 white page telephone directories. Each listing appears in the database exactly as it appears in the phone book. It does not include unlisted numbers. Information is available eight to twelve weeks after appearing in the phone book, and changes of address are revised on a monthly basis. Each residential listing also contains information from the most recent U. S. census, including median household income, median home value, latitude/longitude, and percentage of owner-occupied housing. 



This site provides tools and information to take the waiting and pain out of customer service.

International White and Yellow Pages
Find phone and address information for people and places across the globe.

Yellow Pages
North America's largest local search, media, and advertising company provides comprehensive yellow and white page listings.


Community and Local Links 

Buffalo White Pages
This local directory is great for quick reference.

Local Edge 
Hearst media services provides directories of local businesses complete with maps and website links.


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