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Tween/Teen Summer Programs

book cover of Book Scavenger

Do you love to read? We have two great summer programs: Reader's Quest Book Group and Battle of the Books.

Reader's Quest Book Group

A book and activity club for youth in 5th-8th grade. 

The program is available in two different formats this summer: virtual and in-person

Step one: Sign up. Participants receive a book to keep

Step two: Read the book

Step three: Decide if you would like to join us in-person or online, for a related program, or both!

  • Online version: Join us for a mellow trivia contest based on the book
  • In-person @ the Central Library: Join us for an interactive program based on the book


Book: Book Scavenger

Codes, Ciphers, and Mysteries abound!  Join Emily and her friends as they attempt to solve a mystery involving the creator of her favorite game, Book Scavenger.

Virtual Program:

Saturday, June 11, 10-11:30

  • Join us, via zoom, for a mellow trivia contest based on the book

In-person Program @ Central:

Saturday, June 25, 11-12:30 

  • Participants work together in groups to decode messages to find a hidden book and prizes
  • Make Morse Code bracelets
  • Group chooses a book to hide, creates clues, and decides where to hide the book

Check out other summer dates, books, and activities on our calendar.  For more information, contact Maria @

Battle of the Books

Do you love books and competition? This is the program for you! Battle of the Books is a system-wide team trivia competition for youth entering 6th-9th grade in the fall. 

Step one: Locate a team  and sign up

Step two: Read the books and practice with your team

Step three: Battle (virtually) against other teams to win! 

Central's Battle of the Books team will be practicing virtually this year! For more information about Central's team, contact Maria @