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Visiting Us

Terms of Access

Terms of access help ensure the safety of our valuable and unique materials as well as protect our patrons’ access to our resources.

Sign-in - All visitors are required to sign in at the entrance to the Grosvenor Room.

Bag Check - Bags, carrying cases, purses and containers must be placed in library-provided lockers for the duration of your visit. Items from your bag may be carried with you. Access to your stored belongings is available at all times.

Food and Drink - In order to protect the collections, no food or beverages are allowed in the Grosvenor Room.

Borrowing Materials - Most materials do not circulate and must be used in the Grosvenor Room. The exception is a portion of the music score collection, LP records, and cassettes.

Collection Access - Most resources may be viewed readily in the Grosvenor Room. Some materials are housed in the Rare Book Room and are not available for immediate research. Please read the Rare Book Room's policies for access information.

Photography, Photocopying, and Digital Reproduction - Please see our Reproductions & Permissions link for more information.


Visiting Us

Location, Hours, Directions, and Parking

Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203-1887 Map

The Grosvenor Room is located on the first floor of the Central Library near the Ring of Knowledge display.

Map of the Central Library.

Directions to the Central Library.

Guided Tours may be scheduled based on staff availability.


The Grosvenor Room is open the same hours as the Central Library.


Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps and Allpro offer downtown parking for a fee. Metered parking is available on some area streets.

Collection Access

Grosvenor Room materials can be found in the library catalog.

Grosvenor Room Amenities

Copy Machines

One color machine is available for use. Condition of the materials may prohibit copying. Copying is at the discretion of the librarian. Most copy machines accept U.S. one and five dollar bills in addition to U.S. coins. It is advisable to bring small bills and coins to use the copy machines as the Library cannot change large bills. You may also purchase a copy card if you have a large amount of copying. Please see a staff member for details.

Photocopy Fees Per Print (subject to change):

Black and White
8.5x11 – 15 cents
8.5x14 & 11 x 17 – 30 cents

8.5x11 – 50 cents
8.5x14 & 11 x 17 – $1.00

Microfilm Machines

Six microfilm/microfiche machines are available for use. Four machines are digital and flash drives may be used to save scans.  Printing is black & white only and costs 10 cents per 8.5 x 11 page.

Computer Access

Three computer terminals are available for library catalog and database searching. Database printing is in black and white only, and costs 10 cents per page. General internet use is not available in the Grosvenor Room, but is available in other library departments.

Personal Laptop Use

Wireless internet access is available throughout the library. Limited outlets are available to plug in your laptop.

Study Tables

Twelve large study tables are available for research use.

Library Features and Amenities