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Graphic Novel Resources for Librarians

Librarians can utilize the Get Graphic! website to learn more about graphic novels, investigate booklists, explore graphic novel news and information, and learn about graphic novel related events around Western New York. Our Get Graphic! blog offers a place to exchange ideas and see what others are reading, and our Contact list allows direct communication with individuals from the Get Graphic project for assistance in how to best utilize the website and materials.

  • The average 15-24 year old American spends almost 2 hours each day watching TV, but only 7 minutes of their leisure time reading.
  • Nationally, 25% of Eight Graders scored below the National Assessment of Educational Progress standard of reading proficiency.
  • Only 52% of high school graduates tested on the 2011 ACT met the reading readiness benchmark
  • The graduation rate for Buffalo city schools is only 54% as of 2011.
  • Locally, 30% of adults operate at minimal literacy. Countywide, 20% of adults operate at minimal literacy.

Graphic Novels can be an important part of both educational and leisure reading for patrons of all ages. Graphic novels are astoundingly popular and can be as simple or complex as any other literature.

Reading graphic novels:

  • Engages reluctant readers & ESL patrons.
  • Increases reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Can provide a bridge between low and high levels of reading.
  • Presents an approach to reading that embraces the multimedia nature of today’s culture, as 2/3 of a story is conveyed visually.
  • Provides scaffolding for struggling readers.
  • Presents complex material in readable text.
  • Helps patrons understand global affairs.
  • Offers another avenue through which individuals can experience art.

In addition, Graphic Novels are wildly popular!

  • In 2012, graphic novel print sales rose to $385 million.
  • The popularity of graphic novels has led to a growing number of books that fall between the classic novel and graphic novel, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries, as well as a growing number of traditional books being adapted into graphic novels (i.e. Percy Jackson and the Olympians).
  • Many mainstream writers have crossed over to graphic novels (Eric Jerome Dickey, Cecil Castellucci, Anthony Horowitz, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Laurell K. Hamilton). There have also been graphic novels created by musicians, including Avril Lavigne, Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Neil Young.

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