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Permanent Residents

For a resident card, your proof of permanent address must demonstrate residence in Erie County.  

Temporary Residents

If you expect to reside in Erie County for at least one month, you are entitled to a short term card.  The following items are required:

Student Non-residents

Students whose permanent addresses are outside Erie County are entitled to a student card that can be renewed each semester.  The following items are required:

Non-residents who own property or work in Erie County

If you own property or work in Erie County but do not reside here, you will need proof of permanent address and one of the following:

  • Current pay stub with name and address of employer and name of applicant.
  • Letter from employer on company letterhead dated with last 30 days attesting to employment.
  • Tax receipt or other evidence of property ownership.

Other Residents of New York State

Residents of New York State are eligible for an individual library card.  The card needs to be renewed every 12 months.  Some restrictions may apply.  You need to provide proof of permanent residence.

Educator Library Cards

If you are a teacher employed at Pre-K-12 schools, home school educator or day care provider living or working in Erie County, and you have a personal library card in good standing, you are eligible for an Educator Card. To qualify for an Educator Card, you must submit identification showing your current status as a teacher (grades preschool-12), homeschool educator, or day care provider.

Agency Cards

Any business, agency, or community organization conducting business or engaged in activity in Erie County, must submit an application for an Agency Card accompanied with a statement on company letterhead authorizing an individual to accept financial responsibility on behalf of the agency for the use of library resources.